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Gymleader secure major project

Gymleader is bringing the largest rock climbing wall installation in a New Zealand school to Tangaroa College in Auckland.

As the official New Zealand agents for US company Spectrum Sports, Gymleader will oversee the installation of the wall, in what is set to be a major boost not just for the school, but the wider south Auckland community.

Gymleader operations manager Glen Kavanagh said it was an exciting project to be part of.

“The school approached us about it and through our relationship with Spectrum Sports, we have secured the deal,” Kavanagh said.

“It’s got benefits for the school themselves obviously, but they are also interested in helping their community. There are plans to bring a rock climbing club in to use it as well, so it’s a way of the school being able to give back to the community.

“We are setting it up in a way that in a couple of years the school can look at expanding the wall if required.”

Gymleader general manager Mark Millar said there had been a desire to undertake a large-scale rock wall installation for a long time, with the sport experiencing growth internationally.

“It’s a totally new product and something we have been aspiring to do since we found out rock climbing was entered into the Tokyo Olympics in 2020,” Millar said.

“It will be nice to be part of getting our youth ready at schools in New Zealand to have a go at that down the track.”

Spectrum Sports are a global leader in the field, and list the US Army and Lifetime Fitness among their clients.

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