Shot Clocks - Wireless

Shot Clocks - Wireless
We have been requested to supply shot clocks with our indoor scoreboards and now have a new shot clock available.
This complies with the New Zealand
Basketball Association rules with regard to the shot clock timer.

A state of the art shot clock is well worth including with the purchase of a new scoreboard.

Dimensions: 820mm x 740mm x 98mm
Display Area: Time, shot clock
Power: 12V x 24V
Weight: 13kg
Viewing distance: 180m indoor
Wireless option: Yes

Additional features:
Shot Clocks are wireless and run through the main scoreboard.

The clocks have a battery which allows them to be portable however, as they are generally installed high on the wall and therefore will require a power supply as plugging in to recharge will be impractical.

Please discuss electrical requirements with us
NZ$ 2,488.00 excluding GST
Purchase Qty:

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