Scoreboard - Indoor Electronic

Scoreboard - Indoor Electronic
HMI Technology Limited is New Zealand’s leading designer and manufacture of electronic signs and scoreboards. HMI Technology Limited can draw on the expertise of more than 21 years experience in the electronic industry and is able to design and manufacture to specific requirements. These scoreboards are user friendly, plug and play, easy to use.

Ideal for the modern facility where a number of sports are played. The numbers are made up of outdoor grade LED's making the details clear and easy to read and the score controller is wireless, giving greater freedom to the score keeper.
With this unit, you can score all of the popular sports including: Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Volleyball and more.
Dimensions = 2000mm x 980mm x 100mm

Clock and Alarm
When not used in sports, they can be used as a digital clock with alarm function.

Score can count up to 199 and timer can count up/down to 99.59.
Buzzer sounds at end of period and by manual contr
NZ$ 6,300.00 excluding GST
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