Freestanding Intermediate Height Adjustable Tower

Freestanding Intermediate Height Adjustable Tower
This is a freestanding, counter weighted, movable backstop with the added feature of being height adjustable. It is ideally suited for use on multipurpose outdoor courts or for indoor courts where other backstops are not viable.
A lever on the back of the main post is operated by standing on a footplate and removing a locking pin which allows the backboard to be adjusted from ‘Regulation’ height to ‘Kiwi’ height and then replacing the locking pin. The backboard is primary size (1200 x 800 mm) manufactured from Marine Bonded Ply and is fully painted and line marked and is supported on a 'Spida' style bracket. All steel work is hot dip galvanised and the system is supplied with a 030/012G Heavy Duty Hoop and Net.
Trolley Not Included (030/014). 1 trolley per site recommended.
NZ$ 3,590.00 excluding GST
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