Heavy Duty Tower - 1.5m Overhang

Heavy Duty Tower - 1.5m Overhang
The design of the Gymleader heavy duty basketball tower has been proven with many years of service with councils, schools and even prisons around New Zealand.

The design features a post fabricated from 100 x 100 SHS steel which supports a full steel frame for the backboard with an overhang of 1.5 metres.

Top stays maximise the durability of this unit and all steelwork is hot dipped galvanised for ultimate corrosion protection.

The backboard is International size and manufactured from marine bonded ply which is fully painted and finished with regulation line markings.

The system is supplied with a Galvanised Samson Non Sprung Basketball hoop and net.

The post can either be permanently concreted into the ground or the optional ground sleeve can be used which means the tower can be removed.
NB: Some assembly may be required. Please enquire for details.
NZ$ 3,280.00 excluding GST
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