Airtrack Factory | Airtrack P2

Airtrack Factory | Airtrack P2
The Airtrack Factory | AirTrack P2 is the middle thickness mat.

It’s easy on the body at low pressures, but comes close to a spring floor at higher pressures. The mat is 2 meter wide and pairs well with similarly thick 20 cm landing mats, creating a level stepping surface off or around the Airtrack Factory | AirTrack P2 mat.

Our P2 products have a height of 20 cm and therefore gives more bounce than the Airtrack Factory AirFloor, but less bounce than the P3 models. The P2 is therefore not only suitable for recreational groups, but also for higher level gymnasts.

The Airtrack Factory AirTrack P2 with carpet bonded foam on top is also very suitable as a landing mat surrounding trampolines. Although the rebound is somewhat higher than FIG norms, the impact force is substantially lower. Multiple gymnastic federations already use these AirTracks, instead of landing mats made of foam, for trampoline competitions,

In combination with add-ons such as the Airtrack Factory AirIncline or our renewed Airtrack Factory AirBox system, training possibilities will be endless!

Hitachi Blower (Required) | QV10 Blower (Optional) | Manometer (Pressure gauge)
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