Our Team

Mark Millar
 Director / Owner

Mark is kept busy managing new contacts, architects and schools looking to refit or fit-out outdoor spaces or indoor gyms.  The best part of his role is seeing completed projects and products heading out of the door to schools and clubs for children to enjoy. 

Mark, with his wife Karen, bought Gymleader in 2014 as they both saw the potential in the business – which is all about the children and enabling them to enjoy a range of sports and activities. 

When not working, Mark likes to wind down by fishing at sea, watching sports and spending time with his family.

Karen Millar

Director/Owner and Financial Controller

As well as managing the finances, Karen is involved in customer and distributor sales – helping resolve requests when questions are asked.  Customer experience is important to Karen and she enjoys coming-up with solutions to customer requests – she helped design a basketball unit which resulted in a very happy customer. 

Karen and husband Mark, bought Gymleader in 2014 as they both saw the potential in the business – which is all about the children and enabling them to enjoy a range of sports and activities.  When not managing work, Karen loves going to the gym, sea-fishing and spending time with her three grandchildren!

Ben Fletcher

Operations and Factory Manager

Ben joined us in 2021 and his role includes production scheduling, customer liaison, special projects management and handling specific customer requests.  He’s also responsible managing the teams and for staff happiness which he finds easy and enjoyable!  He says he has an interesting role, lots going on every day and he likes thinking outside the square to come-up with solutions for client requests in a diverse environment.  When not keeping the team happy at work, Ben loves to sail in the Auckland Harbour with his family.  Ben is an Aussie and has been in NZ since 1998.

Joe Vainepoto

Head Installer, Despatch

Joe is responsible for the assembly of products and the installation of equipment on site for customers, so he’s away from home a lot.  Joe joined the team in 2016 and works hard and plays hard!  His least favourite part of the job is cleaning-up at the end of the day.  Joe has two daughters and loves to cook – but he says he no Gordon Ramsey.  He’s also has a terrible reputation for losing mobiles phones – he’s lost 13 so far!

Bhupinder Singh


Bhupinder is known as Singh on the workshop floor - he joined Gymleader in 2008 and stayed until 2014 when he left – but came back in 2018!  His role as a welder involves project preparation, cutting, welding, drilling and punching the equipment being built for customers.  Singh says he loves being creative when he’s welding!  When he’s not working, he enjoys Watching YouTube – internet surfing looking for songs and music as well as lectures in his Sikh religion.

John Nansen


John’s nickname is Johnny and his role include checking the specifications and paperwork for jobs then checking the steel.  Johnny then makes-up the orders, drills holes, and does the welding.  He’s also responsible for quality control before passing the project to next stage.  Johnny has been with Gymleader as a welder for 17 years!  At home, he loves holidays in NZ and doing a bit of DIY and gardening – anything really - as long as it doesn’t involve welding!

Trevor Cook

Production Supervisor

Trev has been with Gymleader since 2016, his role as production supervisor is making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be, that projects are running on time and materials and stock are ordered stock ahead of being needed. Trev runs the Health and Safety Meetings and also the ToolBox Meetings where kit needed for installations is checked.  Trev loves the variety of work he has and that he’s making sports equipment to help children enjoy activities.  Trev is a gym bunny and qualified personal trainer for friends and family.  He’s a mad stock car racing fan and a keen cook having previously been a head chef.

Reece Meyer

Sportsafe Inspector

Reece is responsible for inspecting mostly ceiling-hung basketball units and court diving curtains – each piece of equipment is checked carefully for against a safety checklist before being despatched for installation.  Reece also checks non-installed equipment.  He loves the variety in his job and working with a great team.  He loves gardening, is good at DIY and loves all kinds of movies!

Roshika Sen

Administration & Accounts

Roshika has a varied role – managing everything from accounts, some sales support, answering phones and welcoming our visitors and arranging freight and shipping for the equipment and installations that we send across all of New Zealand.  Roshika has been with us since 2018 and loves answering the phone.  She has 2 children and loves gardening and cooking Indian food.