Essence of Gymleader

The Greater Purpose of Our Business:

  • To support the health and wellbeing of the community by encouraging physical activity and exercise.
  • To encourage interaction and socialising while exercising by providing commercial, competition and public use equipment.
  • To provide a good model for international standards in both business and products.
  • To support staff, shareholders, directors, customers, users and suppliers.

Our Vision:

  • To always hold the position of Market Leader in New Zealand.
  • To be one of the major suppliers in the Australasian market and an international supplier in the developed countries of the world.
  • To set the World Benchmark Standards with our products.
  • To have a large R&D prototype factory in NZ even if bulk manufacturing is outsourced
  • Sport Safe to be the recognised Authority in Australasia running an accredited installation/check program registered with all schools in each country.
  • To have a fully licensed maintenance program sold with each Gym or introduced by Sport Safe

Our Values:

  • Honest Communication
  • Pro-active Approach
  • Community Spirit
  • Common Sense
  • Supporting Each Other

Our Mission:

  • To take control and responsibility of our position and image in the marketplace
  • To create strategic alliances that support our international growth
  • To collaborate with the authorities and key customers to constantly develop industry standards and benchmark products
  • Change the culture and philosophy of the industry users to seeing Sport Safe as a mandatory requirement in line with internationally accepted practises.
  • Establishing Fair Trading relationships with key agents and suppliers while holding ourselves to the highest quality standards.