Gymleader crew corner - Say hello to Trevor Cook who joined our company with a great wealth of cheffing & baking knowledge who has always held a passion for Waikaraka Family Speedway and stock car-racing.
Trevor loves and has always wanted to be in motorsports. This passion has seen the head chef from Wild Fire take advice from his son to follow his dream and get into welding school to gain his qualifications and get his ticket.
Trevor walked into welding school sighted a sign Level 3 & Level 4 asked the teacher what they meant and from her response chased to be top of the class. Trevor study hard and gained 100% in his level 3 and 99% on Level 4 and it would be fair to say is very proud of this achievement.

Once he became qualified in welding he was given an opportunity to join our team and Trevor can tell you that was 22 August 2016 and has just celebrated 2 years with us at Gymleader. When asked what’s his best feeling working with gymleader? He replied “each morning he drops his daughter off at school and I’m proud to see all the sports equipment that is out on the school fields and play grounds are made here at Gymleader with the team from our hands - how cool is that?”
Trevor still following his dream today being in and around speedway stock cars and loves it… he’d love it more if Gymleader ever became a sponsor on his own race car.

Great having Trevor as part of our team we love the passion.

Posted: Thu 06 Sep 2018